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Schools and sports ground maintenance

With our background in servicing professional and private sports clubs, Bancroft’s have a reputation for high quality workmanship and attention to detail. That is what we aim to achieve in this sector of the market, not just a company who turn up once a week or month mow the grass and disappear, but a company who takes as much pride in your facility as you do, so that when your staff, pupils, customers or visitors arrive they see a neat, tidy well kept site that reflects well on you.

As a specialist sportsgound contractor we offer national coverage, to ensure reliability and productivity we only offer maintenance services within the Greater Manchester, Stockport and Glossop areas.

We have a range of equipment and well trained, C.R.B checked uniform staff that enable us to carry out works in house rather than have to sub-contract, so that we can monitor the conditions of the site and our performance.

Having discussed the general role of the grounds maintenance contractor with many procurement officials we are convinced that schools, colleges and sprots grounds are looking for more than “that company who just turns up” and that’s what we aim to provide. Contact our office to arrange to discuss your requirements further.

Our services include:

Sports field maintenance

  • Mowing
  • Linemarking
  • Pitch renovation – top dressing seeding etc
  • Fertiliser and chemical applications
  • Artificial turf and hard play areas

General maintenance

  • Mowing – amenity, bank, verges etc
  • Planting, pruning, weeding etc
  • Edging, hoeing, bedding
  • Hedge cutting , tree surgery
  • Snow clearance and gritting

Mowing of primary schools sports pitch using dedicated ride on sports turf mower with cylinder cut for improved finish.

Tree surgery and hedge control by fully trained staff.

Bancroft Amenities offer a 24/7 snow clearing and gritting service from our base in Hyde on the outskirts of Manchester. None of this work is sub-contracted out, we run a fleet of 3 snow clearing machines and several gritters, we carry our own supply of grit and salt ensuring constant cover.