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Football and rugby pitch maintenance


From premiership to local park, full surface refurbishment to routine mowing, Bancroft’s have the experience and machinery to maintain your winter games surface.   

Our services include:   

  • Full surface refurbishment
  • Koroing – surface stripping or fraise mowing
  • Surface leveling / laser grading
  • Verti draining
  • Earth quaking
  • Top dressing
  • Scarifiying
  • Overseeding
  • Mowing
  • Fertiliser and chemical applications

With over 30 years experience in the sector Bancroft’s have an unrivalled range of specialist turf care equipment, many developed in conjunction with manufactures  after design input from ourselves. We are able to offer one off solutions to particular problems to full maintenance packages.   


Bancroft’s currently operate 2 Koro Field Top Markers, these machines are designed to remove the surface of the pitch to a specified depth, removing thatch, poa annua and weaker plants leaving healthier deeper rooting species. Overseeding following this process to create a healthier, stronger sward containing more preferable hard wearing species.


On older pitches sometimes surface levels are lost which require correcting, following cultivation our grading machinery which is designed to be guided laser is the ideal equipment to create a smooth level surface, ready for seed bed preparation.   

Blec 2.1m laser grader

Our range of decompaction equipment includes Charterhuse Verti Drains of various sizes to suit requirements and also the Blec Groundbreaker Linear Decompacter.   

We have various top dressing machines in our fleet capable of handling sands or Rootzone. Our bult dressers are able to spread over 300 tonnes per day if required.   

End of season is the most common time for overseeding, although our disc seeders can be used during the playing season with no surface disruption to strengthen wearing surfaces. We have seeders to suit all conditions from Rootzone prepared seed beds to established turf.