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Football and Rugby construction and drainage

Bancroft’s operate on a national basis on such projects from single site stadium schemes to multi pitch sites covering numerous hectares. Large schemes include major earthmoving exercises followed by drainage, final leveling, seedbed preparation and seeding works. All schemes are different each requiring its unique method of achieving this attention to detail, flexibility and positive attitude from staff required when working with soil and vagaries of the weather, at Bancroft’s with our well trained and dedicated staff this is never a problem.

Following an initial top soil strip, the subsoil is then laser graded to pre – designated levels prior to accepting the re-spread top soil. Sometimes banks or batters are required to produce plateau en which pitches can sit if grades across a site are to great. Often the re-spread top soil is ameliorated with large quantities of sand to improve its drainage characteristics.

Bancroft’s own and operate several specialist sports turf drainage machines capable of installing both piped and secondary drainage systems. Secondary systems are often referred to as gravel or sand slits.

Our machines are fitted to dedicated tractors fitted with L.G.P tyres to minimize compaction. Each has conveyors fitted so spoil is loaded directly onto a trailer operating simultaneously to the drainage machine and removed immediately from the working area.

Following drainage excavations pipes are laid in the trench, junctions made to mains where appropriate and then backfilling takes place using one of or specialist tractor mounted backfiller. Backfilling material usually consists of clean gravel topped to the surface with either Rootzone or coarse sand.

Because the whole process takes place using dedicated sports turf drainage machinery surface disruption is kept to a minimum enabling rapid re-establishment.