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Bowling green renovation

The North West’s premier crown green bowling contractor Bancroft Amenities have over 30 years experience in maintaining bowling greens, added to that company director John Bancroft is a former Waterloo champion and has represented Greater Manchester County over 60 times giving them more experience and knowledge of clubs and players requirements than anyone else in the sector. Add to that an extensive range of specialist machinery, equipment and knowledgeable operators Bancroft’s can offer unrivalled service.

Bancroft’s can offer an initial complimentary site visit to discuss club requirements , this can be followed by soil samples and a report on green conditions and recommended fertiliser and maintenance programme if required. Contact the office for further information.

End of season renovations

1)      Vigorous scarifying  carried out at the end of the playing season to reduce the buildup of organic matter and thatch.

 2)      Hollow tining provide aeration and further thatch, as well as improving surface drainage and stimulating root growth.

3)      Overseeding to improve the quality of the sward increasing the percentage of more desirable deep rooting fine turf plants, also to aid bare or worn areas to regain cover.

4)      Top dressing to improve the drainage nature of the existing soil, firm the surface to aid green spread, help even out surface undulations and encourage root growth and seed germination.

5)      An autumn/winter fertiliser is applied to balance the nutrients available in the soil and encourage the sward and new seed to establish.

Full maintenance programme

Bancroft’s are able to offer clubs or local authorities a full maintenance programme to offer piece of mind and fixed costs for green maintenance, this can include mowing if requested. For fixed annual cost the customer knows exactly how much green maintenance will cost and can be tailored to suit budgets. Many clubs  choose to have their green mown as part of the package, saving on paying a groundman, purchasing, servicing, repairing and sharpening mowing equipment. Others carry out the mowing themselves and Bancroft’s visit site to carry out other routine maintenance such as verti draining scarifying, fertiliser applications, chemical treatments, top dressing or end of season renovations.

As well as these packages Bancroft’s offer one off visits for specialist works such as:

  • Scarifying or verti cutting
  • Verti draining or earthquaking
  • Fertiliser and chemical applications
  • Top dressing
  • Overseeding
  • Hollow or solid time

Bowling green construction and re-construction

With our experience of bowling green’s coupled with our knowledge of natural turf construction projects Bancroft’s are uniquely placed to offer turnkey solutions to bowling green construction projects, including:

  • Earthworks
  • Formation
  • Green construction
  • Paths and gutters
  • Irrigation system
  • Floodlights
  • Fencing

We also offer re-construction of existing bowling green’s that have fallen into disrepair.This process usually involves removing the existing surface with a Koro Field Top Maker, cultivating and re-levelling or re-shaping the existing Rootzone layer depending on whether it’s a flat or crown green, preparing the seed bed, carry out pre-seed fertiliser and seeding works all with specialized equipment.