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Golf Course construction

With our comprehensive range of natural sportsturf equipment Bancroft’s can offer a complete range of maintenance and drainage services to our clients whether it be greens, tees or fairways.


Fairways are generally drained with a combination of our larger trenching equipment capable of deep wide drainage trenches to facilitate 60mm or 80mm perforated pipes, these are then backfilled with our purpose made backfilling machines ensuring a neat, precise finish with minimal damage and the fairway soon back on play.

Greens are more frequently drained with narrow trenches to create absolute minimum disturbance. Greens can be protected with our own purpose made ground guards to further reduce disruption. Again backfilling takes place with hydraulic backfilling equipment specifically designed for the purpose.

As pressure increase on golf courses to provide play all year round, and produce dry greens for the paying customer to play on, new techniques are being developed to provide this in the form of the lightening drain, this involves placing a 25mm perforated pipe in extremely small trenches as narrow as 32mm, at a depth of around 300mm between 400mm and 2000mm apart. These are then backfilled almost to the surface with gravel.

The lightening drain allows the rapid movement of water away from the surface but causes an absolute minimum of disturbance to the playing surface.

Benefits of lightening drain:

  • Firmer, faster greens
  • Minimal surface disturbance
  • Greens rapidly back in play after installation
  • Drier Rootzone conditions resulting in stronger growth for desired grass species
  • Keeps greens and approaches open for play resulting in increased revenue
  • Can be linked to existing drainage system

Constructed Tee just after turfing

We also off a range of specialist equipment for hire see our hire section.